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This is the age of the buskers - the talented musicians who go where the people are... without the help of sound engineers and stages… and simply share their talent. We're so proud of the quality of our buskers this year.

Go and seek them out, give them your support and look them up on their socials afterwards. This is live music at its roots!


Busking is considered so cool that some of our stage musicians have secretly asked for busk spots too :0)


See the printed Wimborne Minster Folk Festival Programme for details including times & locations of our 2024 buskers:


Alice Honey : Andy Grant : Badgerfox : Bill Rees : Bob Carter : Celtic Confusion : Charlotte Geary : Chimney Fish : Damian Clark : Eva Grant : Graeme Wey : Jake Puntis : Kaiya Avery-Carter : Lainey Brook : Lenny Sharp : Mark and Helen Banfield : Mark Lyons : Mik and Simon : Mostly Harmless : Nory J : Paul Thomas : Purbeck Storm : QHCB : Roxanne : Ruffdog Elliot : Skint Imperials : Stewart Dalgliesh : Wacian : Warp and Weft : Will Adams : Xtra Shot Acoustic

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