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Sunday Lunchtime at the Allendale


The final ticketed concert of this year's Festival and one that'll leave fond memories to last you until June 2025! We bring you Merry Hell, Du Glas and Detta Kenzie.

Merry Hell

Born from the embers of folk punk collective The Tansads, Merry Hell has, over the past twelve years or so, through dint of sheer hard gigging and recording work, built up a dedicated and loyal following. This Folk-Rock band delivers an upbeat message about the potential of human life and condition without losing sight of the struggle many people in this world face. Everyone should see Merry Hell performing live at least once in their lives…although once may well not be enough! Watch video

Du Glas

From the vibrant music scene in Penzance, Du Glas offer their own brand of inventive and energetic heartland rock combining influences from Americana and folk music. 

Festival favourites, this dynamic group mould their different musical tastes to create a very diverse set. Your average Du Glas gig will seamlessly slip from a bit of rock and roll to old American folk. Throw in a rockabilly tune for good measure and before you know it you're experiencing the blues. Nonetheless, a few things are certain: passionate vocals and sweet, sweet music for you to enjoy. Watch video

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Detta Kenzie is an English folk singer creating original songs alongside reworking ancient Celtic music. A deep connection to the natural world is ever present in Detta's work; the diversity of the English landscape and its ability to both mould and reflect human experience is at the heart of her music making.

At Wimborne Minster Folk Festival last year, Detta stepped up to perform at a concert when another act was unavoidably detained. Her performance and the resulting reaction from the crowd is the stuff of legend. Since then, she has gone from strength to strength and we are delighted to have her back for 2024. Watch video

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